What is insects???
Insects are animals has six legs. Many of them have wings and antennae.

Other cool things....
There are also plenty of animals that don't have six legs or eight legs. Millipedes and centipedes have between 30 and 200 legs, worms have no legs, and snails have one big leg called a foot.

Although they are small, ants are incredibly strong insects. Some ant can carry objects that are twenty times their size.

Ants live in underground nests in big groups called colonies. Their nests have long tunnels and several chambers, or 'rooms.' There a room where the ants eat, a room for storing food, a nursery area, and rooms for sleeping.

Ants use their antennae, or feelers, to communicate with each other. When two ants touch feelers, they are usually telling each other where to find food.

Ant have strong, scissorlike jaws that open shut sideways. Since they can't eat solid food, ants squeeze out all of the liquids from food and leave the leftover solid parts behind.

The world's biggest (and hairiest) spider is the tarantula. While some grow to be as small as a bottle cap, the largest ones can be as a dinner plate.

Tarantula live in warm climates such as hot, dry deserts or humid rainforests. Most live in burrows in ground, but some live in trees.

If distrubed by other animals, tarantulas from North and South America have hairs on their backs that they can rub of using their back legs. These hairs will stick to the other animals, and make their enemies very itchy.

Tarantulas are venomous, but their venom won't seiously harm humans. If a tarantula were to bite a human, the effect would be no worse than a bee sting.